Tyson Construction gave me the kitchen of my dreams because Matt Tyson, the contractor, is a thoughtful listener who possesses the ability to turn a clients inarticulate vision into a reality. Tyson Construction has an incredible working relationship with all his sub contractors and suppliers that is based on mutual respect and the quality of work each person brought to their piece of the project. The kitchen remodel was finished on schedule and everyone who was here was friendly, professional, and unflappable. This is important to know if you are going to be living in your house while the job is being completed. Communication during the entire project with me was excellent. I plan on using Tyson Construction again as I continue to bring my 1920’s house into the new century and have recommended him to neighbors, friends and family. It is my distinct honor to be able to recommend Tyson Construction to you. I know you will love the end result as much as I do. Kimber Cadieux

Wow, I don’t know where to begin. Matt Tyson and his team are fantastic. In my 25 years of home ownership I cannot remember one really positive experience in dealing with a contractor until Tyson. Our sinking house was a project no one wanted to tackle, mainly because they didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Tyson, had tons of ideas and solutions. The work was amazing to watch because the sequencing of the events….jacking the house up, stabilizing the house, remove the retaining wall, building a new wall, level the effected rooms and then fix the damage rooms. It was perfect. The work was done on time and on budget and they left the area looking like no one was there. Last year we built a new deck. A few of our neighbors added new decks as well, so we got bids from 4 contractors that our friends used. Tyson’s bid was one of, if not the highest bid. Once we started comparing bids and asking questions we found that Tyson’s bid had EVERYTHING listed and itemized and the other contractors did not. When we started adding up all the miscellaneous and undisclosed costs Tyson’s bid was actually a few hundred dollars cheaper. When we got our final bill from Tyson, it was about $1,000 cheaper than the original bid. Matt Tyson said he was able to save some money by getting better costs or not needing as much material as he budgeted etc. When is the last time that happened? Matt Tyson does very high quality work, I have seen some of the high-end custom interior work he has done (not like our projects). He is always on time for every meeting or appointment. His budget numbers have always been right on. The quality of his work has been fantastic. You never have to guess if you are going to get hit with a surprise budget item down the road because he does such a thorough job of budgeting every item. Tyson has been the best contractor we have ever used and we have built a number of homes and remodel a lot more. We have two more projects we’ll be doing with Tyson next year – a complete bathroom remodel and a mud room addition. Unfortunately for Matt Tyson, my wife will call him for small “handyman” projects because she knows she can trust him and his team. Thanks, Jill & Bill

We used Tyson Construction for several small projects when we owned our condo. When we moved to our townhouse there were many renovation projects: new deck flooring, kitchen counter tops, bathroom tweaking and endless small issues, due to our prior experience we call Matt. As always everything turned out perfect with no complaints! Bill and Betty

Great! Matt was on time and a little under-budget. He went above and beyond with the details. When the new cabinets were installed, there was a gap where the old cabinets and the wallpaper was. Matt offered to re-wallpaper the kitchen, but I told him I wanted to paint it. He told me to pick out the paint color and he had it repainted. He even installed a light fixture I had bought for the front entry. Heidi